GHASEM EBRAHIMIAN DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY - MECCA is an award winning filmmaker who came to the US in 1974 to study cinema. He graduated from SUNY PURCHASE in1979. His thesis film, "WILLIE" earned him a student Academy Award and was shown in festivals around the world and on Public Television's Independent Focus. He formed EBRAFILMS with Coleen Higgins in1980 and the company produced over forty documentaries for Italian and French televisions among other commercial productions.

His feature film THE SUITORS was an official selection for Cannes Film Festival and nominated for Camera d'OR. THE SUITORS was theatrically released in the US and was shown on Germany's WDR and UK's Channel 4- In 1997 he began his collaboration with Shirin Neshat on a number of filmed video Installations- Their first collaboration, "Turbulent", won the first international prize at 1999 Venice Biennale. The following installations: Rapture- Soliloquy- Possessed- Fervor- Pulse and Mahdokht have been shown in Museums and galleries around the world.

EBRAHIMIAN also wrote and directed the film portion of "Logic of The Birds", a multi disciplinary theatrical piece, based on 13th Century Iranian poet Farid-udin Attar. "Logic of The Birds" was premiered in New York at Lincoln Center and presented by ARTANGEL at the Union Chapel in London. He's worked on a number of documentaries for the South Bank Show, the longest running arts program in the UK, including "Cinema of fire" which focuses on the works of Iranian Cinema auteurs.

His short film "The Sacred, The Absurd" was premiered at Victoria and Albert Museum in London and was nominated for best short film at Tribeca Film Festival (2005) in New York. Recently he finished a screenplay entitled "Shakespeare In Tehran" based on a true story. He was director of photography for the Mecca shoot in Journey to Mecca, filmed on IMAX® during the annual Hajj in Saudi Arabia and Writer/Director for "All Roads to Mecca" which deconstructs and chronicles the making of the IMAX® film, Journey to Mecca.


Ibn Battuta: Chems Eddine Zinoun
The Highwayman: Hassam Ghancy
Ibn Muzaffar: Nadim Sawalha
Hamza: Nabil Elouahabi


Director/Co-Screenwriter: Bruce Neibaur
Executive Producer: Jake Eberts
Producer: Jonathan Barker
Producer: Dominic Cunningham-Reid
Producer: Taran Davies
Co-Producer: Dima Alansari
Co-Producer: Dounia Benjelloun
Co-Producer: Al-Zain Al-Sabah
Screenwriter: Tahir Shah
Screenwriter: Carl Knutson
Supervising: Producer Diane Roberts
Supervising: Producer Tony Thatcher
Line Producer: Daniel Ferguson
Director Of Photography: Matthew Williams
Production Designer: Mike Fowlie
Art Director: Philip Murphy
Editor: Jean-Marie Drot
Costume Designer: Emma Bellocq
Location Director - Mecca: Abdul Latif Salazar
Director Of Photography - Mecca: Afshin Javadi
Director Of Photography - Mecca: Ghasem Ebrahimian
Director of Photography – Mecca: Rafey Mahmood