DIRECTOR/CO-SCREENWRITER BRUCE NEIBAUR has worked as a writerdirector for 30 years on a long list of giant screen motion pictures, television productions, feature films and dramatic and documentary films for special presentation. His impressive résumé includes Mysteries of Egypt, the IMAX® box-office hit, starring Omar Sharif and Kate Maberly, which takes audiences on a ride down the lush Nile River and over the Valley of Kings as it reveals the latest discoveries regarding the construction of the pyramids and the baffling mysteries surrounding the history of this ancient civilization; Hearst Castle: Building the Dream, is an IMAX® drama chronicling the life of William Randolph Hearst and the building of the world-famous Hearst Castle in San Simeon, California, starring Ricky Mabey. India: Kingdom of the Tiger, follows the footsteps of hunter-naturalist Jim Corbett as he races to save a remote mountain village from the terror of a man-eating tiger and discovers on this journey his passion for tigers and the need for Tiger conservation. Lewis and Clark: Great Journey West dramatizes the legendary early 19th-century expedition that crossed the uncharted Northwest, starring Kelly Boulware, Alex Rice and Sonny Surowiec. More recently Neibaur began production in Cambridge, England of Stephen Hawking's: Beyond the Horizon, directing Lina Patel and the world-renowned British physicist, which will take audiences on an incomparable scientific journey beyond the horizons of our Universe.

Among Neibaur's feature films are The Ghosts of Dickens' Past, which focuses on the early life of Charles Dickens and the events that inspired him to write A Christmas Carol, starring Christopher Heyerdahl and Jennifer Bertram. Dickens' Past won the best feature film and best cinematography prizes at the Santa Clarita International Film Festival, the companion festival to the Academy Awards. Neibaur's Friendships Field, a lesson in racism about a young farm girl who makes friends with a transient Mexican boy, won the Children's Jury Award for best feature film and the Liv Ullman Peace Prize at the Chicago International Children's Film Festival. Neibaur has explored other moral issues in Your Wildest Dreams, about a teen thrust into a conflict between wealth and honesty and The ButterCream Gang, about unconditional love for a struggling friend. Neibaur's work has also garnered awards for Broadcast journalism and several national and international awards for his short-subject special presentation dramatic and documentary films. Born and raised in Southern Idaho, Neibaur studied briefly at Utah State University and Brigham Young University.


Ibn Battuta: Chems Eddine Zinoun
The Highwayman: Hassam Ghancy
Ibn Muzaffar: Nadim Sawalha
Hamza: Nabil Elouahabi


Director/Co-Screenwriter: Bruce Neibaur
Executive Producer: Jake Eberts
Producer: Jonathan Barker
Producer: Dominic Cunningham-Reid
Producer: Taran Davies
Co-Producer: Dima Alansari
Co-Producer: Dounia Benjelloun
Co-Producer: Al-Zain Al-Sabah
Screenwriter: Tahir Shah
Screenwriter: Carl Knutson
Supervising: Producer Diane Roberts
Supervising: Producer Tony Thatcher
Line Producer: Daniel Ferguson
Director Of Photography: Matthew Williams
Production Designer: Mike Fowlie
Art Director: Philip Murphy
Editor: Jean-Marie Drot
Costume Designer: Emma Bellocq
Location Director - Mecca: Abdul Latif Salazar
Director Of Photography - Mecca: Afshin Javadi
Director Of Photography - Mecca: Ghasem Ebrahimian
Director of Photography – Mecca: Rafey Mahmood