Journey to Mecca: Music

The music for Journey to Mecca brought together several great talents. Composer and performer Michael Brook's passion for world music was nurtured in his collaborations with Peter Gabriel and Reel World and he has worked with many outstanding musicians from around the world and has composed music for a wide variety of films from Into the Wild to the Oscar winning An Inconvenient Truth, as well as three previous IMAX films.

Brook's approach to the music was to evoke the feeling of both the time (the 14th century) and the different locations of the film (Morocco, Egypt, Syria) with subtle shifts in instrumentation and rhythms.

For the all-important scenes which take place in both the 14th and 21st century Mecca, Brook worked closely with noted specialist in Islamic musicology, Dr. A.J. Racy. The team was fortunate to be able to engage the great Syrian liturgical singer, Sheikh Hamza Shakour, whose powerful voice and lifelong devotion to singing the prayers of Islam brought the appropriate depth, authenticity and respect to the film's treatment of the Hajj.


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