Founded in 2004 by Taran Davies and Dominic Cunningham-Reid, Cosmic Picture focuses on the creation of dynamic giant screen multimedia experiences to enhance people's knowledge of history, religion, geography and culture. Led by executive producer Jake Eberts, who is non-executive chairman of National Geographic Feature Films and the producer and/or financier of legendary movies such as Gandhi, Dances with Wolves, and A River Runs Through It, Cosmic Picture collaborates with producers, directors, photographers and cinematographers at the very top of their field to create world-class results supported by strong strategic alliances with world leaders in the construction and design of destination cinemas, cultural centers and architectural landmarks.

SK Films is a Giant Screen industry leader, founded by veteran executive Jonathan Barker and Robert Kerr, a co-founder and retired CEO of Imax Corp. Amongst other films, SK has been responsible for one of the most successful and award-winning Giant Screen films of recent years, Bugs!, for which it won the industry’s most prestigious award for distribution and marketing.

National Geographic is a distribution partner in Journey to Mecca and is the DVD distributor of the film in North America. NG has one of the largest film libraries in the Giant Screen industry and Journey to Mecca is a welcome addition to National Geographic’s DVD collection.

National Geographic was founded in 1888 to "increase and diffuse geographic knowledge." National Geographic works to inspire people to care about the planet. This venerable media institution reaches more than 325 million people worldwide each month through magazines, books, digital media, television, radio, music and film.

Desert Door Productions (DDP) was established in November 2005, is a Kuwaiti closed share holding company with its head-office in Kuwait and functional office in Dubai Media City, UAE.

Desert Door Productions (DDP) is an independent film production company. DDP develops, produces and invests in quality, socially relevant film, Television and Commercial Projects throughout the Middle-East, US and Europe.

Eagle Vision Media Group KSCC is a fully integrated production company, specializing in the development of quality media projects for film and television. In addition to developing its own projects, the company offers complete production services: from concept and design through the production and post-production process. Under the helm of it's Chairwoman and Managing Director, Sheikah Al-Zain Sabah Al-Sabah, the company is proud to support culturally relevant projects and, as such, provides a creative and financial haven for regional filmmakers to flourish.

Ms. Benjelloun has worked in the global film production sector in a variety of functions, from production, marketing and publicity to distribution development. Dounia Benjelloun, Producer, is chairwoman of Dounia Productions Ltd, a company created in 1986, specialized in documentary movie production. Since the creation of her company, Dounia Benjelloun has produced more than 50 documentaries on diverse subjects, such as the Sacred Music Festival in Fes, Education in rural areas in Morocco and in Senegal, a series on Berber craft.