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"Stunning . . . a superhuman effort."
– New York Times, USA

“Sweeping aerial landscapes and breathtaking shots of sand, sea, stars and sky are merely backdrops to the toils Battuta faces in this beautiful IMAX film. A fascinating juxtapositions of Islamic society then and now, provides the film with its strongly educational backbone and a documentary-like feel. The entire story is perfectly suited to the widescreen IMAX Format.”
– The Citizen, South Africa

"Stunning scenery."
– Washington Post, USA

“Rapturous . . . an engaging epic . . . the story of Ibn Battuta is fascinating, I really felt like I was taking every step of this journey with him . . . unprecedented views of Mecca . . . IMAX exists to WOW you with stunning visuals, and this film certainly delivers that.”
– BBC World Service, United Kingdom

“Spectacular images of Mount Arafat covered with white-clad pilgrims . . . extraordinary aerial scenes.”
– The Guardian, United Kingdom

“Its panoramic helicopter views of hundreds of thousands of pilgrims at the shrine are nothing short of amazing . . . the camerawork and desert landscapes are breathtaking . . . ideal for a school trip.”
– The London Times, United Kingdom

“Journey to Mecca is one journey you will want to make. The scenes are breathtaking and will leave you speechless and will stay with you for a long time.”
– Life, United Kingdom

“4 Stars . . . IMAX has once again presented a feast for both the eyes and the soul.”
– News Shopper, United Kingdom

“The film presents viewers with something never before seen on such a breathtaking scale . . . awe-inspiring.”
– Sight & Sound, United Kingdom

“Simply astonishing . . . a fascinating peak into an unknown story. Aerial shots of pilgrims covering every inch of ground for miles and a speeded up sequence of crowds circling the Grand Mosque are perfectly suited to the massive IMAX screen and add a dose of breathtaking spectacle into this celebration of Islamic culture.”
– Islington Gazette, United Kingdom

“The final scenes shot from a helicopter 200 feet above as thousands of pilgrims encircle the cube-shaped ‘Kaaba’ below are a sight to behold . . . an enlightening illustration of one of Islam’s most fascinating rituals . . . the closest the majority of Muslims will ever get to seeing Mecca up close.”
– Time Out London, United Kingdom

“Truly awe-inspiring aerial shots.”
– Metro, United Kingdom

"Journey to Mecca will join the list of popular Imax classics ..."
– Toronto Star, Canada

"Beautifully wrought film... meticulously researched ...everyone, no matter their faith, should see it".
– Sun Media, Canada

"Stunning footage... Although it is ... impossible to catch an image of the Almighty on film, this doc comes as close as any. "
– The National Post, Canada

"An IMAX® Film ... A canvas for which Cecil B. DeMille would have traded any one of the Ten Commandments. Watching Ibn Battuta cross the mountains, we feel as if we're Eight Miles High! The sand storm has us searching our pockets for Murine.... Sure to gladden the hearts of spiritual seekers... and meer popcorn enthusiasts will like it too."
– The Globe and Mail, Canada

"A powerful, larger than life cinematic experience that has the power to educate both young and old. Its message of tolerance and respect will resonate strongly with audiences. "
– Trade Arabia, UAE

"Stunning Aerial Footage. "
– The Gulf Today, UAE

"...dramatic desert landscapes ... unprecedented access to the Great Mosque ... breathtaking aerial views ... a cosmic experience"
–The Detroit Free Press, USA

"...Breathtaking...Beautiful, inspiring (story) with many visual delights...Highly recommended. "
– The Arab American News, USA

"Gandhi said at one time when he was being attacked in his ashram by an angry crowd of young men, he stopped and he said, Stop this nonsense. Stop this anger. I am a Hindu, I am a Muslim, I am a Christian, I am a Buddhist, I am a Jew, and so are all of you. If we can, we must learn how to tear down the walls that surround us, and before we can do that, we must tear down the walls in our hearts...Unless we can get distribution in those parts of the world where there are walls, we will have failed. We are not going to fail. We are going to see this film in every major institution, every major city, every Imax screen around the world. We are going to do what we can to tear down those walls, that¹s why we are here ."
–Jake Eberts(Executive Producer)


See what others are saying about Journey To Mecca Watch (VIDEO)


Written by Alan Parker, "Nosey Parker",

"I came away from Journey To Mecca not only bedazzled but feeling immensely, almost universally serene. I know that sounds like pompous claptrap, but it's the closest I can come to describing the feeling the film left me with. Whether you're Muslim or not, I defy you to see Journey To Mecca and not be deeply, metaphysically touched by the beauty and ultimate serenity of the film."

BBC Radio discussion of Journey to Mecca:
(Click on the link, download the "Relics of St Therese tour 29th Sept 09" and skip ahead to 13:45)